Wednesday, November 12, 2008

J is for...


Wea re to be joyful in all times. Why? Because we have received the greatest gift possible - salvation through Christ. There are going to be struggles in our lives, but we are still to have the joy of salvation. If we remember that through the hard times we grow and get stronger, it is easier to keep that joy. But, if we forget about our salvation, then the struggles are even worse.

Being a parent is this way. There are definitely hard times. But, the happy times outweigh the bad. There are times I have to deal with the crying, but they are normally followed by times of loving. If we didn't go through the hard times, she wouldn't have teeth (teething is no fun!), she wouldn't learn to stand or walk, and she wouldn't learn that some things can hurt her. Is it easy - No! Is it necessary? Yes!

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