Friday, January 15, 2010


So, AJU6 (our 7 week old son), has a lot of monkey things. Monkeys and dogs are the common decorations on infant boy clothing this year it seems. I don't have anything wrong with monkeys, but some of the sayings on the clothes could easily be taken wrong.

Now how could they be taken wrong? It comes down to evolution. Things like "Mommy's little monkey" could easily be construed as thinking we are just another primate. We are not. We are a special creation of God. We are made in His image, unlike the other animals. Yes, we have a lot in common with primates, but we also have almost as much in common with many other animals! This is all because there is a common Creator who, as one would expect, used some common templates.

So, it makes me think about what I should put on him. I know around close friends what he is wearing won't impact them. They share our belief, so they know he is just wearing things because they look cute. But, out in public it could easily be taken as support for evolution. Well, I wouldn't say support per se. So many people don't understand the debate at all. They just get fed evolution from birth and have no idea about any of the issues with the theory.

So, what do you think?