Friday, April 17, 2009

Gay Marriage

Personally, I don't think it should be legal. But there is more to this than that. Most of it comes down to what rights they don't have/do have.

Does a gay/homosexual person have the right to marry?

Does a gay have the right to marry the person he/she loves?
No, but we aren't guaranteed that right either. What if you loved your sister? Could you marry her? No. What if you loved a married man, could you marry him? No. There are lots of cases where you can't marry the person you love... and I don't hear people crying foul on these...

Are there things the government needs to work out in terms of rights?
Depends on the state. Most states have expanded the next o kin to include persons chosen by the injured/sick/deceased. But, you have to have a will/living will for this to work. Many companies and states have allowed domestic partners to receive benefits as well. The only thing that I know of that is totally not accessible to domestic partners (verses married couples) is Social Security. And personally, I think this program is falling apart enough as it is... I just wish we could get rid of it because it is going bankrupt. No one should depend on getting money out of it if you aren't at or very near retirement right now...

What are your thoughts? What rights do gays not have? By giving them those rights, are we opening ourselves up for greater issues later?