Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Blog

This is my second blog. My first blog is about my daughter. I want to keep that one about her, our family, and the basics of life. I don't want to get into controversial things there because I know some of the readers of that blog have VERY different views to me. I don't want them to stop reading that blog because of something I say. But, there have been many times I have thought of posts in my head that I wanted to post somewhere. So, I created this blog for those. Politics, religion, and other controversial topics will be the norm here. You may also find posts about my life not directly related to AJU5.

Because I know a lot of the posts will be controversial, I expect readers are going to have different views. Feel free to comment as long as you aren't rude. Also, please refrain from using cuss words, as I want to keep this blog family-friendly. If I feel any comment is rude or uses language I don't approve of, I will delete it. Hopefully I won't have to delete any comments though.

Welcome to the blog!

1 comment:

Jen L. said...

I"m glad you created this blog. As I've said on mine many times, it's for YOU. Glad you found a place to talk about topic important to you. Looking forward to reading more on both blogs!