Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Dislike of Elections...

FIrst, let me say I have no issues with voting. Yes, the lines can be long, but I am willing to wait to exercise my right. I have no problems with the actual voting process.

But what I hate is the length of the election. They seem to start earlier and earlier campaigning for office these days. After about a month or so, they have made their ideas known. The rest of the election is mostly spent tearing apart the opponent(s). Not much new is ever said these days. Instead, it is just a mud fight between candidates. Regardless of the race, both candidates are making half truths about what the other has done.

"He voted against this, but I voted for it."
"No, he isn't for this because he voted against this bill."
"He doesn't understand us"
"He is so much like this person"

It is getting very old. I listen to a local talk radio station a lot. At 3 they have on a local host who is pretty middle of the road. I used to love listening to the conversations about the presidential and congressional races. But, after about 3 months of listening half the time it got old. The same basic things are being said. I still listen sometimes. He is good about playing the ads and sound bites that are just crazy (from both sides). But the comments from the listeners are always the same things over and over again.

I am pretty sure that 90% (or more) of Americans already know who they are going to vote for. What is said between now and the election probably isn't going to change anyone's mind. The undecideds are probably undecided because they haven't thought too much about it yet. So, all that is happening is only causing the two sides of the country to fight against each other more. Instead of uniting the country, elections tend to divide us more than anything.

So, here is what I wish would happen:
Public campaigning for an election can only occur 3 months prior to the election. That means if there is a primary, there would be 6 months total of campaigning.
All primaries would be on the same day. The primary system for the presidency is way to long!

Benefits: I bet it would be cheaper! Also, there would be less time to drag your opponent through the mud but still enough time to get important things on the table. Finally, the nation could spend more time working on things together instead of being divided!

Your thoughts?

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