Monday, February 8, 2010


In the wake of the Tebow/Focus on the Family commericial during the Superbowl, I thought I would write a post about choice.

First, I think Pam Tebow had a choice. I think all women in her situation should have a choice. They should be able to know what the probability is that she would die, the baby would die, they both make it, etc and then make an informed decision. In almost every case, there isn't a 100% probability for any one of the outcomes, and the mom and dad have to decide what is best for them. I think most pro-life people would agree with me that if there is a very high risk the mom would die, then termination might be an option. If that risk is accompanied by a equal or greater risk of the baby dying, it becomes even more of a legitimate option in the minds of pro-life supporters.

But, what about if only the baby's life is at risk, like a baby with Trisomy 13 or 18? My question is what does abortion do for that family? MAYBE they won't become as attached to the little one, but since they already have pictures of the baby, I doubt that. Some of these kids live for years with the condition. Some lives for months. Some live for days. Some live for minutes, and some are born still. But, I don't see why so many people push to have these babies aborted. If they are going to die, why not let them live as long as they can first?

Okay, now for the "hot" topic - unwanted pregnancy. With the exception of rape, the woman who is pregnant had a choice BEFORE she got pregnant. She chose to have relations. She weighed the risks of that. I think that should be the only choice she gets. If you are going to have relations, you have to be willing to accept the "consequences" of such actions. We need to get back to living in a society where your actions have consequences! I think this would cut down on the number of STDs as well because people would be a little less willing to have relationships with people they are not committed to.

As for rape victims, I am not sure how I stand on this issue. I have read about people who were raped, had an abortion, and felt like they had been raped twice as a result. I have also read people say that it can cause emotional problems to have to carry a baby conceived in such a cruel manner. Personally, I would keep the baby because I believe it is a gift from God even if the act wasn't. But, I don't know if I could force my beliefs on that on others. It is a very sticky subject for sure.

So, that is my take on things. What do you think?

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