Wednesday, October 1, 2008


When did not so nice four letter words become commonly used in our language? It used to be when people would give anyone saying such a word a bad look or giving them a piece of their mind. Now, most people don't think about it one bit. Others (like me) sometimes will give them a little bit of a look, but that is it - nothing more. I definitely don't want to raise my daughter around such words. I want her to grow up to understand that there are a lot better ways to express yourself than to say those words.

No, there are some words that technically aren't bad that are used in the place of bad words. Things like fudge and crap are becoming more and more common as well. Are they are better than the other words? I don't think they really are. Now, these words aren't as likely to be picked up on by a little kid and repeated (at least used in the same way). So, in that way they are better. But, it still comes back to the fact that saying such things are taking the "easy" road. Instead of really explaining how you feel and what is going on, resorting to a single word seems to be easier. But, it doesn't work as well. And, it is offensive.

Now, I do slip up regularly and say things like screw and fudge when I shouldn't, but it is an ongoing process of growth. I believe one day God is going to judge us for each word we say. I want there to be as few idle words there as possible.

What do you feel about such words?


Jen L. said...

One of my most vivid memories of our church youth group when I was growing up is the year we spent talking about topics WE suggested in our Sunday school class. We had "cuss day." That was where we all talked about cursing and whether or not we did it or used other words (like fudge) instead of saying "the real thing." The lesson our leader taught me has stuck with me: If you think it, you may as well have said it. Whether you use a gentler word or not, you're still sometimes thinking it in your mind, where it counts.
Glad you brought that up. I found my Student Bible the other day and was thinking I should go back through my notes from that phase in my life!

Marianne said...

I'm ... guilty. I am so trying to mend my ways, but I swear. It's mostly in the car, but that's when two little eyes and two little ears have my undivided attention. I'm working on it, but fall SO short.