Monday, December 15, 2008

Music in the Church

We left one church (we hadn't joined, but had been attending faithfully for one year) partly due to the music. One couple left our current church this past year over music. So, I thought I would talk about music in the church.

I think the words are the most important part of a song. If the words are not Scriptural, then the song should not be sung - end of story. But there are also songs that aren't unscriptural but are also not church worthy in my opinion. Songs that don't really have a message at all don't make sense to me! They are fine for a concert, but I don't think they should be part of a service.

I also think the instruments accompanying the song should be mellow enough to hear the words. I don't feel strongly that any one instrument shouldn't be allowed, but I feel that certain locations make instruments like the full drum sets unacceptable (small churches, etc).

The Bible does say we should bring a new song unto God, but I don't think we have to sing a new song every week. There is something to be said for singing a song again once you know it. Personally, I think it is easier to worship when I know the words and the melody so I don't have to worry about how to sing the song. But, I also don't want to sing the same songs every single week.

How do you feel about music in a church service?


Mary-LUE said...

Well, I'm married to a guitar player so we are all about rocking it in church BUT...

I agree that music needs to suit the time, place, and circumstances. I do not like that some churches feel a need to have a certain type of music because it is what is popular. I think the music should come up out of the talents and resources of the congregation.

I do not want to sing songs that aren't scriptural in the sense that I don't think they should be antithetical to scripture. My grandfather had an issue with what he called song theology, which is basically bad theology in a song. However, I think that personal expressions of our experiences and how God met us in those places may not be comprised of scripture but have a suitable Christian meaning.

I think Amazing Grace is an excellent example. John Newton's experiences in life, combined with how he experienced God to create a song that has impacted so many people's lives.

Regardless, I think it is better to be intentional about what is going on in a service rather than just doing what has always been done or what others are doing.

(As usual, my comment is very long-winded!)

Jen L. said...

My dad is a music minister, so that has been a huge part of my life. I'm not crazy about a huge band in church. I like a piano and maybe a few other soft-sounding instruments, but I am not nuts about drums. I think if it's too loud, it takes away from the spirituality of things. (or maybe I"m just easily distracted!) I love to sing hymns best of all at church, but I also enjoy praise choruses.