Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Birth Control

This post will be about the basic options and the moral issues some have with them. Feel free to share what you think! This is just a basic overview of what I know...

Hormone Options (Pill, Patch, etc)
The originally, the goal of these methods was to prevent the body from ovulating. But, they found out that even with high doses, some women still ovulated. So, now they also prevent implantation in the event you do ovulate, etc. As a result, many Christians have issue with these. Because they prevent implantation, there can still be conception. So, many feel that this method causes very early abortions. Also, for some women (like Mrs. Duggar), the embryo will implant but will not survive due to the poor uterine lining caused by the birth control.

Barrier Options (Condom, Diaphragm, etc)
These methods prevent the sperm from getting to the egg. The only object some have with these methods (morally) is that you are having relations without a chance of conception. You are relations without a chance of pregnancy (i.e. the Catholic objection to most birth control). But, in my mind, God can still cause the barrier to fail if He wanted you pregnant - they are 100% effective!

Surgical Methods (Tubal Ligation/Vasectomy)
These two methods (as well as the new Essure method) create a "hole" in one partner's plumbing so that either the egg or sperm is not available for conception. The moral objections to a vasectomy are the same as to the barrier methods. With the tubal ligation, there may be an increased chance of ectopic pregnancy. So, as a result some women choose to not have it done because they are afraid of being the cause of causing a child to die (similar to the issues with hormonal methods).

Family Planning
There are many versions of this, but the general principle is that you chart and determine when you ovulate. You refrain for relations or use a barrier method during the period of time you may become pregnant. The only moral objection to this is not giving God complete control (in some people's minds).

How do you feel about birth control? Did you know about all of these moral issues? Do you know of more moral issues?

Please Share Your Ideas!


Stacie said...

Definitely interesting to know what it is that people object to about various methods. I did the hormonal route for a very long time and discovered after coming off of it that it had a lot of side effects I didn't even realize I was having!

There is actually a non-hormonal IUD...I don't know which category that falls into. The idea of that is just a little disturbing on a whole lot of levels to me, though.

Sarah said...

I have some archival Planned Parenthood Clergy Advisory Board research I think you'd love :)

Anonymous said...

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