Tuesday, March 10, 2009

El Shaddai

Last night in our Faith Bible Institute class, we were studying the names of God. One of the names we covered was El Shaddai - The Mighty God. Literally, El Shaddai means the breasted one. John Yates went into an analogy about God and us. An infant/toddler is crawling towards the edge of a cliff. His mom tries to get him to come to her by chasing after him, etc, but he only goes closer to the edge (thinking his mom is playing). Then, in a last ditch effort, she pares her breast in an effort to get the baby to come away from the edge. The baby natural comes to his mom to nurse.

This description reminds us that God draws us to Him, just as a mom can draw her baby. He draws us to Him when we are wandering dangerously close to the edge. Have you seen God work in your life like this? I have. Some times you don't notice the callings and drawings at the time, but they are there. A friend may say something. Someone might ask you to do something to help them. There might be a special service or event at church you feel called to attend. Whatever it is, God is calling you back to Him before He has to call you home.


Sunday I got my diploma from Faith Bible Institute. I completed the six semesters/three years through the Bible in December. My husband and one of our friends also completed it at the same time. I highly recommend some sort of complete, chronological study of the Bible. Studying this way allows you to put all the stories together. It gives you a better foundation for studying the Bible on your own.

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