Thursday, February 26, 2009

Part Two of Mary-Lou's Question

Here is the question Mary-Lou asked:
I don't know if you have already posted this, but I always love hearing abut the personal spiritual journeys of people. How did you come to Christ? What has been your biggest challenge? What has been your greatest joy? How do you related to Jesus... Lord, Teacher, Savior? (I ask that last one because I think he is ALL of those things, but I realize that I tend to turn to him more as Lord than Teacher, etc. It is something I work on, continuing to develop all aspects of my relationship with him.)

I answered the first part earlier this week with my testimony. Now on to the rest of it.

I would say my biggest challenge is submitting to God. I like to be in control. I like to do things myself. But, I know things would be easier if I let God have the pilot seat and I took the co-pilot role. He has shown us that He is in charge, and even then we got mad at Him. We we found out we were pregnant with AJU5, it took us about a month to accept that it was His will. We did learn from this and didn't get upset with the most recent pregnancy (which ended in a miscarriage), but we did ask why! I wish I was better at handing even the simple things over to Him though. I find that when I pray about even simple issues, they work out a lot simpler than when I try to do it on my own!

I would say my greatest joy is AJU5. Now, she is also a big headache, but as some of my colleagues have said, I seem the happiest now with her. God called me to be a mother, and I am enjoying it.

Jesus is more Savior to me each day. But, I should lean on Him more as teacher and Lord. Like I said above, I tend to take control and not hand things over like I should. I like to be lord of my life, but He should be the Lord. I am also learning from Him through His Word, but I don't study as much as I should. Hopefully I will continue to grow in these areas!

Feel free to answer these questions yourself!

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