Tuesday, November 4, 2008

C is for...


This is one of the traits of a Christian that is often missing. Non-Christians often view the church is not having compassion. They say we don't care for those around us so that is why government needs to care for them. In many ways they are right (which is sad). We have forgotten to look outside the walls of our churches for a long time. We have become too comfortable on our pews to care about those who don't even have a comfortable place to sit most days. Some churches aren't even good at caring for their members when they are struggling.

If the church had more compassion, then I think there would be less need for things like welfare. But, in order for the church to do a good job, money is often needed. Unfortunately, most Americans are willing to give the money! They have no problem (well, okay, they complain but they do it) paying more taxes to take care of the poor, but they aren't willing to donate the money to take care of the poor before the government has to step in.

I know there is more to compassion than this. But, I can't think too well today. I have a lot of grading to do and the house is a mess... Feel free to help me with this topic in the comments sections!

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