Sunday, November 2, 2008

A is for...


Our God is the almighty God. El Shaddai.

The name El Shaddai is used 48 times in the Old Testament to refer to God. Most of those are in the book of Job. It is interesting that it is used in Job because of the story that it told there. At the request of Satan, God allows everything to be taken away from Job except his wife and his health. Still, Job will not curse God. He knows that God is in control and is able to give and take away. He is the the God Almighty.

We try to be mighty and powerful, but we tend to fall short. We think we can take car of things on our own, but we often fail. When we put our trust in El Shaddai, it turns out things are easier. He is all-powerful. He is able to do everything. I am glad I have put my faith and hope in the One who is able to do all things!

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